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As mentioned, Norton Password Manager has an impressive amount of features for a free product. These benefits include:


Norton has secure storage vaults that utilize 256-bit AES encryption, which means head-on hacker attacks won’t be a problem. The software is encrypted from end-to-end and the company has a zero-knowledge policy, so you’re the only person who has access to your vault.

While a zero-knowledge policy seems lovely, the main drawback is that no one can access your vault if you do forget your master login password. Also, this means no restoring the account. This could be a deal-breaker for some users.

Most premium password management software packages have a recovery option. Also, as we mentioned, Norton Password Manager doesn’t have advanced 2FA or TOTP authentication, which is a common feature in competitor offerings.

Easy To Use

Norton Password Manager is an online product and integrates seamlessly into your browser. Just log on, register and you’re ready to store passwords in your vault.

The UX of the software is fairly easy to understand, so there’s no large learning curve to overcome. You can also store more than just passwords in the vault, like credit card details, addresses and other sensitive information.

If you have an existing vault of credentials on a different platform, Norton allows you to import that vault as a CSV file. Instructions for how to transfer data from Google Chrome, LastPass and other platforms are available in the support center.

Intuitive Integration

While it might not offer advanced autofill, it’s pretty spot on with the basic feature. When logging into an account, it will automatically generate a suggested username and password.

Most users are satisfied with this and report little to no mistakes.

Safety Dashboard

Norton Password Manager’s Safety Dashboard is easy to use and offers insights into the passwords stored in the vault.

The dashboard will inform you when you’ve duplicated passwords, rate their strength, and alert you if they’re outdated or have been archived. Also, it allows you to change passwords with one simple click.

With the automated password changing feature, you also get to use the free password generator.

Password Generator

Norton’s Password Generator used to live online as a stand-alone tool, and now it has been included with Password Manager. This generator will support up to 64 characters for your password, which includes special characters in addition to letters and numbers.

There are a few features that the generator doesn’t include, such as editing the password suggested and making it easier to remember.

Mobile App

Norton Password Manager’s mobile app is intuitive and integrates with all Android and iOS devices. It imports all the passwords and data relating to apps on your device, which is rare in the segment. It also allows for biometric access to the vault and includes the password generator, secure browser and 2FA unlock.

This is a nice, comprehensive package and allows for remote access to your password vault. And with biometrics, you can easily access what you need on the go.


Norton Password Manager has an excellent support staff, offering live chat assistance, chat forums, phone lines and allowing for remote access.

With such a comprehensive range of communication channels for help, this is a major selling point.

Fine Print

As a free product, you can’t fault its comprehensive offering. Norton Password Manager has no limit to the number of passwords you can store, and it’s very easy to use. If you’re someone who browses the web casually or works for themselves, it’s an excellent fit. There are no frills or fuss; just log on, register and start populating your vault with personal information.

However, if you’re looking for a comprehensive password management software package for multiple users in a business setting, this won’t be the software for you. It falls just short on most features.

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