Lyrid meteor shower 2024: How to see the Lyrids this April and when do they peak?

Falling stars during the April Lyrids 2020 (April 23rd). Composing of falling stars during a period of 2 hours and one 15 sec. exposure for the stars.; Shutterstock ID 1727321440; purchase_order: -; job: -; client: -; other: -

Shutterstock/Ingo Bartussek

One of the meteor showers I look forward to every year is the Lyrids, which peaks this year on 22 April. Its display will be dampened this time round by the bright light of the waxing moon, but it is still worth finding a clear night to spot its shooting stars.

The best time to watch the Lyrids — or any meteor shower — is after midnight local time. The shower is expected to be active from 15 to 29 April, peaking between the evening of the 21st and the morning of the 22nd. So, look at the weather forecast…

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